Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Well, let's see if being really bored can get me to write something here!

Life has been interesting over the past couple of weeks. Having had a frozen right shoulder a few years ago, which was successfully treated, I developed the same problem in my left one just before Christmas. Happily, knowing the symptoms all too well, I did not hang around and got myself referred back to the Consultant that I saw last time really quickly and he confirmed that I should have the same treatment this time around.

I have to say this was just as well and the speed with which it has developed this time is phenomenal, and I have been in serious pain for about 2 weeks, not sleeping well etc.

So I was due to have the treatment yesterday, and all was going well until we woke on Monday morning to 8 inches of snow. Not a problem in itself, but I knew that the Consultant Radiologist who was due to undertake the treatment was away for a long weekend skiing - no flights into the UK was, therefore a bit of a worry. I rang the hospital late on Monday and was assured that they had heard from him and that he was sure he would be back by the Tuesday afternoon.

I had planned to go to the office on Tuesday morning and, as the trains were running, there seemed no reason not to. Martin gave me a lift to Twickenham Station, which had more chance of trains that Whitton, and I duly got into Waterloo with very little trouble. Then the fun started. I had put my bag on the luggage rack so, after we had pulled into Waterloo and the carriage had emptied a bit, I reached up to get my bag down but lost my footing on the very wet floor, grabbed out to stop my fall and ended up 'dangling' from the luggage rack by my left (bad) arm.

The pain was indescribable, I got off the train and within a few steps I had collapsed on the concourse. Surprise, surprise, no one came to my aid.

So, by now I am in serious pain and shock, so why wouldn't I keep going to the office. I have no memory of the journey, but by the time I got there I was in tears and in a right old state. I took one look at my desk and broke down. Happily, no one else was in the office, so I had no witnesses, but, because she had sent me a text to see if I was OK getting into the office, I did call Amanda and blubbed down the phone at her and told her I was going straight home. I did have the presence of mind to grab my laptop and then I left.

Anyway, cutting the long short, that pretty much wrote the rest of the morning off.

I got to the hospital well in time for my appointment in the afternoon so was there to witness the Radiologist arriving at the hospital with a major limp! He had broken his leg the day before, having decided that as he was delayed coming back to the UK he might as well carry on skiing - on his last run, he fell and broke his leg. But he refused to have it plastered or even strapped up, after all it was only a fracture, he had another bone in his leg and the pain would go away soon! This is the man that was about to stab a needle into my really painful shoulder - me worried, why would I be worried?

It was excruciating having the treatment done, but at least the x-ray confirmed that there was no bone damage to my shoulder, just soft tissue, following my fall/dangle.

So here I am today in more pain than I can remember for some time, off work and banned, by the office, from travelling into town for the rest of the week even if I can do some work (that will have to be working from home). So I will get a few lie ins - every cloud . . .

So the next question is whether I am going to be fit to demo this weekend? Watch this space.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the photo is of my shoulder during yesterday's treatment - that straight white line is the needle.