Sunday, 26 September 2010

Didn't We Have a Wonderful Time?

Not the day we went to Bangor, but the day Les Girls came over for a day of Scrapbooking!

This was a class I ran for 6 family and friends as an introduction to scrapbooking. It was also and introduction to me of actually running this type of class.

It took me a few weeks to get everything ready, bit at a time, and to make sure that everyone had the same things in their kit. I also had to get the set of instructions sorted out and let the ladies know what they needed to bring by way of photos.

The plan for the day was to start making a mini-book, or brag-book, and for the ladies to have the instructions and sufficient 'stash' to take away to be able to finish the project at home.

I think the ladies were amazed at how quickly time flys when you are playing with paper and glue, but they all seemed to really enjoy the day and I am already planning the next session.

And how was the day for me? I was really pleased that I had put the work in before the day, as everything went really smoothly, and it proved to me that I can run these types of event. I was so proud of what the ladies did, without exception, they all exceeded my expectations. But boy, was I tired at the end of the day!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Back to Work - Good, Bad or Ugly?

So, I was back at work today after a holiday of just over two weeks. To say that I was dreading what the first day back would be like would be to understate how I felt. My expectation was not great, particularly as I stupidly turned on my work Blackberry last night (by mistake in my own defence) to find that I had just over 350 emails in my inbox. Even allowing for the fact that some of those would be 'rubbish' and some from my colleagues replying to emails on my behalf and copying me in. Even so, they would all need to be read and filed both within my email system and physically. 

I got in to the office at 7.00 and started the process. By 9.00 the figure of outstanding emails was down to just over 150, it is amazing what you can do when there is peace and quite. By the time I left the office, admittedly over an hour late and having worked through my lunch hour, I had only 11 emails that had not been allocated to a specific case.

And the purpose of this blog post? To crow about how efficient I have been today? No, it is specifically to show that today I learnt that with purpose and determination (and quite a lot of luck) you really can do what you initially thought to be the impossible.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Busy Learning Something New Every Day

As you may have noticed in an earlier post, I have signed up to Shimelle Laine's 'Learn Something New Every Day' on-line course that is being run this September.

The idea of this course is that you record something that you have learnt each day. Generally you will record this the following day, as you are unlikely to know what you have learnt until the day is over.

So what have I learnt so far. Well, there are a few classics and a few that are very personal. On 1st September I saw a poster on the Underground that had a quote from Gandhi 'There is more to life than increasing it's speed'; what a wise man he was. Yesterday I learnt this lesson the hard way. I was rushing to get things done, specifically making the bed, with no shoes on, ran into the bedroom, swerved to avoid the cat which was, inevitably lying in the way, and straight into the bed leg with bare toes. Here I am this morning still suffering with stubbed toe syndrome. What a great start to a holiday!!

So what will I learn over the next 25 days?