Thursday, 10 July 2008

Will it never end?

Well, here we are on 10 July and for the first time in, what seems like days, there is some sunshine. The forecast for the day is quite good as well, but rain again tomorrow.

I have not been on the Brompton this week, because of the weather, which is a real shame as I was beginning to really enjoy being out in the open at the start and end of my day. I saw some great birdlife last week too, particularly on the ride to the station in the morning. Green Woodpecker and a Kestral in the same week. Surely that is what life is all about!

Work has been really tough these last few weeks, I never seem to be able to get away on time and, not unreasonably, I think Martin is beginning to get a little hacked off with me always being late home. I am hopeful that things will calm down soon, but that may be wishful thinking.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to do what I can to keep it all together.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

What happened to June?

Well June went by without me even noticing.

I really must get into the habit of keeping up to date with this or there is little point.

Work was hectic again today, I sometimes wonder if my brain is actually coping, then I realise that it is not! I also wonder if I am speaking a different language from everyone else. I told some of the guys on the Project Team that I would not be available to help them tomorrow and must spend the day going through MY work, which they were fine about. But before I left their room one of them said he was going to ask me for some assistance tomorrow - I obviously don't speak clearly enough - I had to make the point again that I was NOT going to be available for them tomorrow, and again was being asked for help tomorrow, only to be told that they want to show me how to use an E-room that we were told earlier in the day would not be available tomorrow - I GIVE UP!!!!

Lovely day today though, the weather was amazing and it was a delight to cycle home.
Back soon I hope.