Wednesday, 30 May 2012


It is not often the I utter an audible exclamation on the way to work, but this morning, as I turned the corner, this was the sight in front of me. I am certain the 90% of my fellow commuters missed it, a few saw me taking a picture and turned to see what I was looking at, only to join my amazement. I wonder if I will ever see its like again.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

City Workers at Lunch

With the first really good weather of the year, The City Worker, who would usually grab a sandwich to eat at their desk, has a change of behaviour and, instead, finds the nearest open space on which to sit and take the sun. In this case a space near to The Tower of London.

This is the sign of good weather.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Keep Left?

Whilst commuting to work over the past few weeks a thought has struck me.

In the morning my fellow commuters and I follow the simple instructions we are issued and we 'Keep Left'. All walking as near to the left hand wall of all corridors in the station.

When I do the return journey in the evening everyone seems to consciously flaunt the rules and walk as near to the Right as possible.

I have had reason to do the journey in the middle of the day a couple of times recently; everyone is still walking on the Left.

So when does the flow change? At what point of the day do we start to rebel?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Challenge 11

This is probably the simplest layout I have done following the challenges. With the busy papers there seemed less to do.

Challenge 13

Challenge 13 uses some printable elements provided for us by Shimelle. I started by printing them on a variety of papers to see what effects that have. I decided to use a pearlescent paper. This resulted in the elements having a soft cream background, which led me to this photo. I used only one of the elements a a whole piece, the remainder I used for punched elements.

Challenge 14

I seem to have caught the bug for bright, bold papers for a while. This is my version of Challenge 14. This required having four quadrants on the page.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Challenge 15

Challenge 15 is all about scrapping rubbish photos. Shimelle's thought process was about photos that are out of focus, grainy etc, so this photo is not quite what she was describing, but it was still a rubbish photo. Why? Because under the embellishments is a lady wearing the most electric blue top and a girls legs with bright pink flip flops on. But it is the only photo I have been given of my brother in this position. So the challenge for me was how to scrap this without the offending part showing.

So here it is!

Challenge 10

Carrying on the challenges from Shimelle's crop weekend last week, this is my version for Challenge 10.

I rarely use such bright papers so prominently on my layouts. For me the B side of this paper is quite bright enough - I used it as part of my embellishment and did my journaling on it.

So glad that I took on this challenge as I am really pleased with the results.

Friday, 20 April 2012

And the heavens open!

Working at home today and was suddenly distracted by, what sounded like pebbles being thrown at the windows. It was large hailstones.

I am not sure the picture captures it fully, but it was a thing to see.

The poor cat from next door has just appeared from under our herb shelves looking a little shattered, and the sun is out again.

That is the UK for you!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Challenge 08

So the next Challenge that I have finished at Shimelle's Scrap Weekend is Challenge 08. This is around using stamps on your layout that you may have forgotten or just don't use enough.
I really wanted to scrap these photos and use them printed with my Polaroid Zink printer. I love this tool but forgot that I had it for a while and am now using it a LOT. It is perfect for my Smash book too.
Anyway, this layout uses two sets of stamps I had forgotten about, one from BasicGrey (the border at the bottom) and the other a set of alphabets that I got at a class that Shimelle ran at the Stitch and Craft show a couple of years ago. Sorry Shimelle, I used these a few times, put them with some other stuff for a project which I promptly forgot about and found again a couple of weeks ago.
I also remembered that I had bought some Distress Embossing Powder a couple of years ago, probably at the same Stitch and Craft show, so decided it would be good to use that on this layout too.
I am pleased with the layout and must remember to use my stamps on scrapbook pages more.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Challenge 04

This weekend Shimelle Laine is hosting a Scrapbook weekend over and It is a great event with lots of Challenges and Chats. This is my version of Challenge 04; scrap in Yellow, Grey and one other colour, for me that is a soft pink. This is not at all my usual palette, but I am pleased with the result. Pop over to:
To see the full challenge.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Shimelle Scrapbook Weekend - 13 - 15 April 2012

Have you heard the news? Next weekend there is an online scrapbooking weekend being held here:

At a craft table near you. No packing required, just log on and enjoy the fun!!

I hope to spend a lot of time joining in, hope to see you there.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My New Storage Solution

I had seen a video in You Tube for a storage solution for craft punches, and in particular Martha Stewart's. This used Cafe rods and Pin Board (hardboard with holes drilled all over it). I had seen another version using Bygel rods from Ikea.

My version uses 8 x 55cm Bygel rods and a piece of Pre cut 3mm MDF, 610mm x 1220mm. The fittings are picture frame fittings and, as we have a house with picture rails, it is hung from picture rail hooks. I drilled holes as needed, leaving 5 inches between the rails for the smaller punches and 6 inches for the larger ones. I fitted the rails with M4 x 12mm nuts and bolts, these were the shortest I could find and in fact anything shorter would have been a real fiddle to use (but you could use M5 bolts).

Because I wanted a coloured background I painted the MDF after I had drilled the holes, but before I fitted anything. I found the cheapest way to get the paint was to buy a Dulux colour match sample pot, these are 250ml and give enough paint for three good coats when applied with a mini roller. Because I was going to store, mostly, Martha Stewart punches I chose a colour that is similar to her blue.

I am really pleased with the final article, it took about a day to complete, although much of that time was literally watching paint dry. I have now got a really smart home for my punches, where I can see what i have got, and a whole shelf freed up in my cupboard. I am really pleased.

FYI, if you have some odd shaped punches you want to store, you can get little baskets that hang from the rails which would hold these. Obviously they only work on the bottom rail, but worth remembering. I may have to go back to Ikea to get some.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to the Real World

After an exciting December that included not only the usual Festivities, but a trip to New York with work, yesterday saw life getting back to a more normal position. The alarm is now set for 6am again and breakfast and lunch are meals to be eaten at one's desk.

But it is a New Year so there are bound to be new challenges, so I am sure much of it will be good.

Here's to a great 2012.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

So 2011 is well and truly over and 2012 has started.

Last year was certainly one to remember, both personally and globally. It was the year I left an employer I had worked with for 20 years and joined a new employer, which so far seems to have been a really good move, long may that continue. In a global note, it was the year of unrest in the Middle East, earthquakes in New Zealand, flooding in Japan an Thailand, not forgetting Pakistan. New countries in Africa. The Eurozone on the edge of collapse. A new leader in North Korea. What a year.

2012 could be a pivotal year. There are elections due in a number of major countries. I think it could be the year of make or break for the Euro. Scotland may vote to split from The Union. Who knows what natural disasters the year could throw at us. And London has the Olympics.

Here's to 2012 and fingers crossed it treats us well.