Saturday, 18 April 2015

Garden progress and everything country

My blogging went very quiet for a long while again; this seems to be just how things go in my life. But this time I do have a bit of an excuse.

About a year ago we started thinking sbout making 'our move to the country'. We had both lived around West London all our lives, but have always talked about moving to the country. Originally the idea was to buy a small holding, then we realised just how much hard work that would involve, so I think that might have been why it took us so long to actually move.

But here we now are, settling in to our new home in Oxfordshire.

The house is laid out in a similar way to a Roman villa, with a formal garden in front and another area of garden to the side, perfect for turning into a fruit and vegetable garden.

The formal garden is pretty much how we want it already. We have removed a couple of shrubs the we really did not like and replaced them with some from the side garden. Other than increasing the ratio of grass to moss in the lawn, there is nothing we want to do now until we have seen it through a year.

The side garden is a different matter. That is due to have a greenhouse and a number of raised beds. We have put one small raised bed in for strawberries and planted raspberries and plumbs but the greenhouse we want has a long wait time, and through a local quirk, we need planning permission for it. We hope to have everything sorted out ready for next year.

So that is what is happening and I am hoping you will be able see the progress as it happens.