Tuesday, 17 September 2013

No feet on the seats please

So here is a question.

Would you consider it appropriate to get on a tube, dump your bags on one seat, sit on the next, then take your shoes off (exposing an enormous hole in the toe of your tights) and then sit in the lotus position. All this in a (very) short skirt. Let's park the fact that it is the rush hour so the train is filling up. And 'yes' this is an adult.

I don't get it. I now I am not as young as I was, but I don't see this as an age issue, surely this is to do with appropriate behaviour in public.

I am facinated to watch as this unfolds. As more people get on the train, someone must surely challenge the occupation of two seats if nothing else. At each station I am waiting for enough people to het on so someone will issue a challenge. So far everyone has been too British to challenge and has quietly ignored the situation, as indeed have I.

At last, Earl's Court resolves part of the issue. Someone has decided to sit in the spare seat, so the bags have now moved, but with more than a little grimace from their owner.

My concern now is only about the interesting view and whether the shoes, abandoned in front of the seat, will manage to stay put. This could be interesting still.

It gives me something to do on the tube journey home.