Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Favourite Photos - what memories, or thoughts, do they provoke?

I am writing this having been prompted to do so by one of my favourite Scrapbookers, Shimelle Laine. She is a wonderfully creative lady who runs on-line classes to help those of us who aspire to do better things get a little closer to doing so. I commend her website to you all. Oh, and she is a great fan of Cupcakes too!! Check out her recipe.

So, her challenge was to choose a photo that you already have, but that you either have not scrapped at all, or not enough. Mine is a photo that my father took of my brother and I with some friends many, many years ago (too many to even think about) while we were holidaying at Daymer Bay, North Cornwall. Looking at it now brings back many found memories, it never seemed to matter what the weather was like, we would be on the beach digging our sand castles and trying, and occasionally succeeding, to fly kites. The others in the picture now live in Germany and Australia, how times change.

Daymer Bay and the surrounding area was, and still is, a favourite holiday destination. My father spent may happy times there during the war, we holidayed there as children and teenagers and now my brother is taking the third generation there. It is an idyllic spot and all these years later is still remarkably unchanged.

Oh, the picture, I almost forgot:


Kerry said...

Hi Liz, love the fact that you have such wonderful memories of somewhere that has been enjoyed by so many generations. If you are taking Shimelles new class I'm sure you will enjoy it, I have always found them very informative and fun. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment ( I love to receive and leave them)

Chocolate Mousie said...

I love your photo. Just looking at it makes me think of all the times I spent with friends at the pool in our town. :)