Monday, 25 October 2010

True Stories

I have just signed up for another on-line class with Shimelle Laine. Details can be found here
True Stories. This time  it is about writing/journalling, something I am not very good at when it comes to 'personal' writing for scrapbook projects. Give me a report to write, or indeed a blog, and I can write my little heart out. Give me a pen and a blank piece of paper and that is a different story. That involves using my not very good handwriting. I mean I appreciate that many people hate their own handwriting, but mine is really not great. I am too hesitant, so it looks like I am, well, too hesitant.

Anyway, this class involves many blank sheets of paper, and no guilt about making mistakes, indeed crossing out is positively encouraged!! So here I go, why don't you join me?

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