Friday, 29 April 2011

Five Things I am Loving This Friday

I need to thank Fiona at Staring at the Sea for this idea; it is a straight lift as I think it is a wonderful idea and something that I hope will achieve two things. Firstly I hope it will give you an insight into what makes me tick and, secondly it should give me the spur to post on a more regular basis.

So here we go, Five Things I am Loving This Friday:

  • that there is a Public Holiday to celebrate The Man's birthday. OK, I know this is not the real reason, but it is the best reason I can think of
  • that after weeks of good weather, today was not the day that we had rain; I think a certain couple will be pleased, as will a few thousand people attending a certain event
  • that my printer has started to work properly again
  • Nails Inc Nail Varnish - a lot!!
  • that I am a Royalist and proud of it

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