Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bellowhead 10th Anniversary Concert

I was sitting at my desk at work one Thursday morning when I spotted an email from a friend. This is someone we have known for a very long time, but who we only see occasionally these days, so the email caught my eye. 

He was kindly asking whether my Better Half and I would be free to join him and his wife at the Bellowhead 10th Anniversary Concert at The Royal Albert Hall that Sunday. They have access to a Corporate Box, which would mean that we would not need to pay for the tickets either. At this stage I only had a very vague idea of who Bellowhead are, so did a quick Google search to discover that they are a folk/jazz/pretty much everything else band, multi winners of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 'Best Live Band' and 'Best Band' Awards; this sounded like it was going to be a very entertaining evening, so I quickly checked with the Better Half and he confirmed that we were free and that he would like to go.

It was a slightly wet evening when we set off to The Royal Albert Hall, but I remembered that there is a covered walkway from South Kensington Station pretty much the whole way to The Hall, so that saved getting the umbrella out too soon, and happily it had stopped raining by the time we left the tunnel. We met up with our friends at the front of The Hall, and made our way to the Box, and then the Bar. As we were in good time, we got to sit and watch as The Hall filled up and also spend some time catching up. 
Then the concert started. WOW, I was not prepared for this, it was amazing. The production was just out of this world and I can see why they have won the 'Best Live Band' award so many times. I had deliberately not listened to any of their music before the concert, but even bearing that in mind, my foot was tapping most of the way through the evening and I was very disappointed when the evening finished. What a great night!
As for the layout, this was my first foray into using divide page protectors along-side a 12x12 layout (other than 6x4 divided protectors just to include lots of photos). I wanted to include as many photos as I could, along with the ticket and lots of embellishment. I had some of the Glitz Design Wild & Free Collection pack left and thought that the bright colours would work well with the photos from this vibrant evening. I am really please with how this all worked out, although photographing a divided page protector is something I am going to have to work on I think, any suggestions on how to do this without too much reflected light would be gratefully received.

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