Sunday, 2 August 2015

Bristol to South Oxfordshire Day 4

After our slightly hilly day we decided it would be a good idea to have an early night,  so turned in at about 9.30. I slept very well and rose to sample the breakfast. There was a good Continental breakfast with meats and cheese, plus toast, crossant, jams etc. I opted for pancakes, maple syrup and berries.

We set off in warm sunshine,  but unfortunately the route meant we had to start on a very busy A road, which was no fun. We were soon on quiter country roads again and then joined a Byway. Now this was interesting. It started out as a reasonable surface and width,  but before long we were battling nettles and a narrow path, not a good combination with shorts on! We soon found our way back to a road and continued at a happier pace.

The route took us up into The Chilterns and then headed for The Ridgeway on a combination of quite roads and Byways,  happily without the addition of nettles.

We soon spotted Dicot Power Station,  so knew we were heading in the right direction and were nearing the end of our trip. Before long we were back in Didcot and heading back up the cycle path towards home. It had been a good few days and we were incredibly lucky with the weather, particularly after a dreadful July. We covered about 120 miles over the 4 days (well 3 really as we started on Thursday afternoon and finished soon after 1pm on Sunday) most of which was off road on tow paths.

Cycling is a lovely way to see the country, particularly if the weather is kind.

Our cats were very pleased to see us home, although they had been well looked after while we were away. Mustard has decided to make sure she is as close to us as possible tonight.

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