Thursday, 29 May 2008

May update

Well, not the best start in the world. Only been going a month and already I am not keeping this up to date.

Since my last post OH and I have been on two holidays. One in Scotland, where the threatened bad weather never came and we had the most wonderful time in dazzling weather and country. We made really good time and got to all our destinations well ahead of schedule. The crazy thing was that we both thought that the reports on the route we were following were totally wrong - the bits that other people thought were great and really easy cycling, we thought were the total opposite, but the bits that others thought were really tough, we found to be easy. Strange, but that's people for you.

We have just got back from our second holiday, this time in Cornwall. What a difference. The weather was as unkind this time as it had been last time. Not a total washout, but not great either. There was definitely more rain than we were due, indeed a campsite near where we were staying was closed due to the bad weather and the poor people staying there ended up in the local village hall.

Well I suppose I am going to have to do some real work now, so it is back to work tomorrow, just in time for the weekend. Must do some gardening - if the slugs would like to leave me some! And I must do some work for the Demo I am doing next weekend in Eastbourne.

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