Saturday, 19 July 2014

No Pansies

I am not one of those scrapbookers who will only use 'special' photos taken on a special occasion. I will scrap anything I find inspirational in some way, or that has a story to tell. Obviously this would include 'special' photos, but equally it includes photos such as this one taken on a wet day on my phone. I was the passenger in the car when my Better Half spotted this notice on the back of the van we were following. I grabbed my phone and took a couple of snaps while we were queueing in traffic. It makes me smile every time I remember the photo, clearly the driver has a good sense of humour; and needless to say, it was a gardener's van.

My mobile phone has really allowed me to record those moments that otherwise would pass and be forgotten. I know all the arguments against mobile phones, that they are a constant distraction and we spend too much time staring at them, but having a camera to hand is a real bonus.

This is another page inspired by Shimelle Laine and one I use often when I have lots of scraps I want to use up 'The Messy Stack', you just stack everything up without straightening the stack, and you are done. Normally I would include a title on a page, but somehow I did not think this one needed one as the picture was almost its own title.


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Alison said...

Lovely layout...and great pic!
Alison xx