Monday, 12 July 2010

A Bit Too Close for Comfort

When I was cycling home from the station last Friday I picked up the smell of burning. At first I thought it was someone having a bbq, then I realised that it was more of a bonfire smell and wondered who would think about having a bonfire after all the dry weather we have had. 

The nearer I got to home, the more obvious the smell became and my mind started running riot.

I turned into our road and saw smoke billowing from behind the houses to my left, clearly coming from the nature reserve behind the houses, and all too close. Fortunately the Fire Brigade arrived just as I was looking to see where the source was. But further along the road, there was more smoke, with a Fireman clearly trying to find how to get to the second fire. That evening we had a number of fire engines driving up and down the road.

Today I came through the reserve to take photos for Shimelle Laine's online class, and found this.

Last week the same place looked like this

What a difference a couple of days makes.

On a brighter note, I did get some good photos for the class and some generally cute shots:

And these were taken in the garden, having been grown from seed.

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Abi said...

Gosh, the fire sounds so scary. Love these pictures, lovely depth of field. Abi