Saturday, 17 July 2010

What a great time we had!

On Thursday evening some friends and I went to see 'The Railway Children' at Waterloo Station. I had been called off the subs' bench for the event but did not hesitate to take up the offer. The film is an all time favourite of mine, so I was really looking froward to seeing the live adaptation of the book.

I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to go, it is a wonderful evening's entertainment and everyone should try to go. It is a true spectacle, with a real steam train making more than one appearance during the show. For those of you who enjoy a different production space this is a fascinating space that makes such good use of the railway, that is the theatre. The rails are not only used for the scenes with the train, but also for trucks to change the acting space and to bring props on and off the stage space. 

The theatre has 1,000 seats split between two platforms, literally. As a result of this the acting is very much 'in the round' and is brilliant. 

We sat on Platform Two, in row H in the middle block, these were perfect seats as we were far enough back to be able to see all of the acting space, but not so far back as to feel out of touch. This is a dreadful photo taken from our seats, but gives an impression of the space.

We met at 7pm outside the theatre, by platform 19, and started our journey back in time and up to Yorkshire. As we entered the 'Theatre' we walked through and echo tunnel and were encouraged to make noise from the start. When we entered the main front of house space it was slightly surreal, having previously been in the same place prior to a Eurostar trip to Paris. 

The Front of House space is bright and airy, benefiting from its former life. We had planned to order interval drinks, and duly decided to share a bottle of pink champagne in tribute to 'red flannel petticoats'; what a good choice it was too.

All in all the show was amazing and a great way to spend an evening. And did we cry; what do you think?

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