Monday, 19 August 2013

Does Life Get Better Than This?

Having been back at work for three months, it was time for a break and some recuperation. I had booked a fortnight's holiday from work soon after I returned to work and as part of that break, I booked myself in to Grayshott Spa for three nights of pampering and relaxation.

So here I am on a Monday afternoon lying on a sun lounger, listening to Chris Rea through my headset and watching bunnies keeping the grass in trim. There is a small lake with a fountain in the background; this has to be about as close to a perfect way to spend a day as you can get. And the track I am listening to is 'Heaven', which it is.

I arrived yesterday and had a most amazing facial to start my stay off on a good footing. Dinner was lovely and followed by a fairly early night. I slept really well, almost not waking at all until 7.00 am, which is late for me. I had a really good breakfast, following the 'Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, dine like a Pauper' principle that they have here. Coffee, toast, fruit salad, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and grilled button mushrooms. This was followed by a walk of about a mile and then half an hour in the outdoor pool doing lengths. Swimming in a pool is not as pleasant as the lake we have been using, but better the outdoor one than the indoor.

After lunch I had a quieter afternoon with a couple of treatments to look forward to. I have just had my Emotional Freedom Technique session, which teaches you how to get ridnof negative emotions through Chakra tapping. And do you know, it seems to work, now I just have to keep it going and make it part of my life.

And so we come back to where we started, with me lying in the sun waiting for my next treatment, Rose Indulgence,  which sounds really relaxing. Then Dinner and bed. Does life get better than this?

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