Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sunny South Sands

A few weeks ago some friends of ours suggested that the four of us should go away for a few days around the August Bank Holiday weekend. After looking at a number of possible locations that would be good for cycling and kayaking we decided on the Salcombe area. But would we be able to find anywhere to stay at such short notice? Answer, yes.

So we find ourselves in a flat in South Sands, less than half a mile from the hotel my parents stayed in when they visited recently; pure coincidence. The Man and I decided to make a week of it, although our friends can only manage a few nights, having the flat is just so much more convenient than staying in an hotel.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and got settled in before heading for the beach and, for the slightly insane amongst us, a swim in the rain!

But today is a whole different place, still a little cooler than I would like courtesy of the high wind, but mostly sunny and really lovely out of the wind.

The slight problem with this area however, is the frequency and incline of the hills. They are everywhere and, because they are so narrow and twisting,  even going down hill is hard work, making sure you avoid pedestrians (who seem oblivious to bikes even when you ring your bell) and the cars going in either direction. But the views make it almost worthwhile, and at least they provide ample opportunity to stop and admire them when pusjing the bike uphill gets just a bit too much.

And the really unkind thought that I have is that it is pouring with rain at home, so what perfect timing we have had. The forecast for the next few day is very good, so with luck we are going to have a fabulous time.

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