Sunday, 4 August 2013

There are worse places for a flat!

After my, rather too, interesting year, I am now having to get everything back to normal. Work is there, with a few minor adjustments, but I now need to put in some hard graft to get my fitness back to scratch.

To that end, we have been trying to be as active as possible while the weather is good. We kayak regularly so I can build up the strength in my arms, swim at a local open water swimming lake and cycle. Today was a cycle day.

The route had been planned by some friends, who, aware of my limitations, chose a 'flat' route, although at 30 miles, it was always going to be a challenge for me.

Whilst I accept we did not have to cycle over the Pennines, this was not a flat route. We did not change altitude much but were constantly going up and down short hills. I was definitely struggling after the first couple of climbs. I kept going and just reminded myself that all the medics are amazed by how much I am doing and keep reminding me not to berate myself for not being as fit as I was.
The Man clearly noticed that I was struggling, so suggested that we keep going until lunch and then head back. I was touched that he had noticed and delighted by the suggestion.

We had a really enjoyable lunch, well prepared and beautifully presented, Cromer crab with salad and new potatoes. Washed down with some cider, a perfect lunch.

After lunch we said our goodbyes and headed in opposite directions. The lovely long runs down hill, of course, became hard slogs up going back and I admit to getting off and pushing a few times.

About a mile from the car, by which time I was wondering if I would make it back to the car, I noticed that his bike had a flat rear tyre. We tried pumping it up, but it was not going to hold all the way back. So he took my bike back to the car and came back to get me, while I admired the view. And what a view.

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