Tuesday, 6 August 2013

No Pansies are kept in this vehicle overnight

There are some days when everything just goes according to plan, and some when the plan is exceeded to such a degree that you almost can't get your head around how that could happen. I accept that there are also days when getting even close to the plan would be good. The key would seem to be to find a way for every day to go so well that the plan is always exceeded.

I wish I had the magic formula!

But, today was certainly one of those special days. I was writing macros to run in some Excel spreadsheets I am working on. I have been trying to get my head around how to get them to run properly for a couple of days, and today it all clicked and I ended up with the coding I need in order to run about 250 separate filters and actions, all by running two master codes. I am so pleased, and to think I didn't even know 'master codes' existed at the start of the week.

We also had a great Team lunch, something we have not done in about 18 months. It was a good venue, not too noisy or busy and we had a really good time.

Days like today are very special, I just wish I could have more of them.

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