Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Not Too Much Rain, YET?

Having been alerted to the probability of another downpour, it appears that, so far today we have not had what was threatened. In The City we had quite a soaking over the lunchtime period, with high winds and what appeared to be some sleet. Suitable numbers of inside out umbrellas were abandoned, some were even put in rubbish bins, although most were left on the pavement for others to trip over or clear away.

As I left the office this afternoon, the sun was out and the sky clear. So, I ask myself, did The Met Office get it wrong, or is the rain waiting until the rush hour to see if it can catch lots of people out? For those poor souls who are being seriously hit by this flooding, particularly those along the Thames, I really hope that this is The Met Office being overly cautious.

On personal note, having opted for the waterproof jacket and boots and left the umbrella at home, I only feel slightly silly. At least I have the knowledge that my precautions kept me warm and dry when I ventured out at lunchtime, and may yet prive to be the sensible option, after all, I'm noy home yet!

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