Thursday, 20 February 2014

Why do they do it - Part 2

I thought the sights on the way home yesterday were bad enough, but today has knocked those into touch.

A mother got on the train with two  children and proceeded to deposit one of them in a Priority seat and the told the sibling to share the seat. OK, so we know that I don't do Children, but I am a sibling, so I know that the idea of quietly sharing a small space with your sibling is never going to happen. To make matters worse, the children were repeatedly told to behave and that if they didn't they would not be going out for a meal. Well guess what, they didn't behave and they are going out for a meal. In fact their behaviour got steadily worse the more they realised their mother was not going to follow through with her threat. No surprise there then.

The shining star of the journey was a child of much the same age offering her seat to the Mother so she could sit down. Well there's a thought! The offer having been declined, she sat quietly until the end of her journey.

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