Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Time to start Blogging Again

In these days when there are apps on phones for everything, including Blogger, I often wonder why I find it so difficult to keep my Blog up to date. I keep promising myself that 'Today will be the day', but as a general rule I then fail to do anything.

But today is that day, finally I am posting again, not a long post I admit, but a post none the less.

The tube strike is off, for the moment at least, and the rain is still coming, with much more still to come I fear. Only a very short distance from where we live there are people with flooded homes; my heart goes out to them.

Having dieted in January, loosing over half a stone, I am now following the 5 and 2 diet as I am determined to get back to a better weight. Not that I have ever been seriously overweight,  but it has slowly crept up and it is time for it to stop. Walking up 6 flights of stairs to get to my desk each day is helping to get my fitness back, so with a focus on the goal I will get there in the end.

And here's hoping the Blogging keeps up too.

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