Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Why do they do it?

OK, so I get that I don't get the whole parenting thing, but why do parents think it is a good idea to travel with their children during the rush hour. I know it's the school holidays, and I know they have as much right to use public transport as anyone else, but it is clear that they get stressed by the experience (at least I hope they don't behave like that all the time), so why do it at a time when it will be at its worst?

In the space of only ten minutes waiting for my tube home, I saw three families  that were nearly separated by the doors closing between the parents and their children. In all three cases the parents had got on the train first and the children had dawdled behind. Happily for the families, the platform staff spotted the problem each time and signaled to the driver to open the doors again. Whilst this solved the immediate problem, I dread to think what it did to the timetable, particularly as it was three different trains.

On which point, Bob Crow may wish to take note that it was staff on the platform who dealt with the problem, had they been in a ticket office there would have been a herd of lost Children to deal with. I have to say that at the station in question, the staff on the platform at rush hour have the patience of saints. It is a station that serves a popular tourist attraction for both English and non English speakers. The staff are always calm and polite; I give them three well deserved cheers.

But back to the question posed, why would you put yourself through the discomfort of travelling in the rush hour if you can avoid it. It is not that pleasant for those of us who have to travel during the rush hour, so if you have the opportunity to avoid it by travelling a wee bit earlier , why wouldn't you? I would add that it would also help preserve the nerves of those of us who have had long stressful days at work, children talking excitedly about their day's experiences may be endearing to their parents, but to the rest of us it is annoying noise at a time when you want some calm.

Please parents, have a think about not travelling at the busiest time with your little cherubs.

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