Thursday, 13 February 2014

Well that was strange.

Today was a decidedly odd day.

The weather forecast was all over the place, this time in a good way as the rain that was forecast did not really make an appearance.

I had an odd occurrence as I was washing up my morning coffee mug. I thought something had broken off it, but it was the varnish off one of my nails. It fell off in one piece, so I have spent the remainder of the day sticking it back on with Pritt Stick, which was partially successful.

The District line to Richmond has been very 'dot and carry one', firstly claiming that there was no train and then one turned up and crawled its way to Richmond. Why are there so few tube trains to Richmond anyway? Is it because SW Trains runs there too? I can almost understand that, although Wimbledon is covered by SW Trains too, so that makes no sense.

Oh well, just an odd day with odd thoughts I guess.

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